Moving brands forward by building their emotional connection is the result of consistent and repeated efforts and of offering a pleasant user experience throughout every channel.

Our integrated approach starts from brand strategy. We translate it into brand identity and creative campaigns, content and platforms that amaze. We believe in the effectiveness of awareness communication for emotional priming while strengthening brand loyalty and employee engagement from within.

Establishing this unique kind of emotional connections is how we unite people with each other – building communities – and with the brands, companies and organisations they interact with. Engineering Emotions will let your brand make people move.

Discover some of the (global) brands that have successfully accelerated thanks to a close partnership with our June20 team, from strategy through execution.


We design and build your brand consistently in every interface, from strategy through execution. In a highly complex communication and marketing landscape, as engineers, we start from data and consumer insights to build your brand following the principles of design methodology, in every touchpoint. Creating emotional content and meaningful brand experiences requires a solid strategic foundation all along the customer journey.

We are experts at building brands from their core. In an interactive approach we refine or define together with you the brand essence that will enthuse your team and boost your marketing efforts to make a true impact on the world.

Building on the right data set and on market and consumer insights we will define together the actual objectives and select the right initiatives that will contribute to your goals.

Engineering your strongest emotional connection comes with the best planned use of the available channels while making your own as efficient as possible. We’re ready to empower full engagement with stakeholders through paid, earned, owned and social media.

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June20 is a creative communications agency that inspires and helps companies and brands grow by building their strongest possible emotional connection with their audience. To achieve that we create and develop communication initiatives in the broadest sense, at any time starting from properly defined strategy, messaging and concept.

True to our creative origins we develop innovative campaigns that build brand equity and brand loyalty. It’s our sincere belief that brand awareness and a positive emotional connection drive growth in the long term. We’re master artisans in creating and excellently executing brand concepts, amazing commercials, integrated digital campaigns and engaging content.

We believe in the power of brand consistency and in the close connection between internal and external communication for brands and organisations. As we help companies define and communicate their purpose and positioning we build and execute communication plans that range from internal engagement communication to employer branding through recruitment campaigns. On top of that, we’re just as fond of corporate communications, reporting and sustainability strategy communication as brand touchpoints and tools to build stakeholder engagement.

As storydoing is a stronger lever to engage a community of fans than mere storytelling, at June20 we’re very fond of brand activation campaigns. What’s better than to have your audience really experience what your brand is all about, digitally as well as live? Inspiring and relevant engaging experiences that generate talkability and trial are the ultimate way of engineering your emotional brand connection.

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Talking communication is talking platforms. Our team combines creative excellence with technology-driven business thinking to map, design, develop and run creative online platforms. Our solutions are built on a clear brand and communication strategy, fulfilling the connection with your stakeholders by offering them a practical, useful and pleasant online experience.

Our services include e-commerce branded webshops, transaction platforms, content landing pages, brand portals and campaign sites – each of them contributing to growth through optimal use of technology. Expertise ranges from PHP over WordPress to Laravel, React and many more.

We partner up with your marketing team to build a digital strategy roadmap and support your customer interface solutions together. The platforms we deliver are brand consistent, user friendly and highly rated. After delivery, we take care of executing the content roadmap, webmastership and technical as well as functional updates.

Maybe your brand positioning, campaign or customer journey would require app building or technological implementation in a physical environment – we’re into it as long as it adds value for the stakeholder.

Discover some of our cases

Discover some of the (global) brands that have successfully accelerated thanks to a close partnership with our June20 team, from strategy through execution.


To build a strong brand that connects with many it takes a solid and consistently executed brand identity – in every interface. We create brands with impact: carefully constructed identities that connect in an instant, showing your brand’s story to the world – as if it has always been there. We design your brand’s identity starting from a solid brand strategy as it drives the choices we make, for every touchpoint and on any level.

We believe that the strongest brand identities are those that evolve with time and with their audience. Whether it’s about refreshing the current visual language or extending design canvases and colour palettes or starting from scratch, we go for impact and full harmony. That includes brand personality, tone of voice, photography guidelines and motion assets to build full brand manuals.

Used to working within an international context, we empower our customers – and their graphic departments – in a true partnership spirit, developing guidelines for all touchpoints and developing master templates as well as finished artwork and layouts together – even guiding production.

Our focus is on efficiency and consistency, whether it’s about social media templates, campaign design, assets for internal communication as well as physical site signage and UI platform design.

Special mention goes to our affinity with packaging and spatial design. As we make brands grow with a connection that moves people, we need to pay full attention to the ultimate moment of truth: shelf space, be it in physical retail or on e-commerce.

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Moving brands forward with communication that moves people includes developing and executing the right media strategy. Based on accurate insights and proper knowledge of contemporary channels and consumers’ passtime, we map formats to match the customer journey of your brand or product.

Keeping in mind that advertising primarily works by making people feel something, we carefully select and plan our campaigns with the right balance of brand building and sales activation, focusing on long term growth, aiming at achieving an optimal share of voice suited to budget.

Consulting the proper external sources and studies we can implement a strategy that drives consumers to interact with brands. With our BI-tool we optimise campaigns across all channels to the desired result. By means of a clear dashboard, all parties involved are given direct insight into the course of the campaign.

Building on the expertise of our digital marketing team and digital strategists, we map and execute your full SEA and email marketing campaigns and have a specific affinity for e-commerce and content strategy.

We partner up with highly experienced consultants and media agencies for offline media planning, like radio and out of home as a complement to digital and audiovisual channels.

Discover some of our cases


Moving brands forward by building their emotional connection is a matter of managing information and building reputation in a way that strengthens brand image, influences perception and catalyses brand equity through search, hygiene content, socials, influencers and earned media.

We spread the word by generating exciting content that sparks joy and makes people talk. Whether as the core of a campaign or as year-long continuous exposure to selected audiences, we develop and create on-brand content and experiences that create a favourable impression and prove brand relevance with storydoing.

We love a good story and we’re even more crazy about setting up an engaging experience. We know how to create a buzz and how to make your audience feel and believe your brand promise rather than just read or hear about it: it’s the best way of connecting.

Our services include live engaging experiences, stunts, press releases and media kits, media planning and yearly strategic plans, influencer distribution, content strategy, content creation, interviews, vlogs, podcasts and news management on websites and socials. We integrate traditional and social media to maximise impact.

Thanks to our extensive contact network, we can seed and accelerate your story to any target audience and maintain permanent interaction between press office and social media to ensure coherent storytelling. We scan for market opportunities and speaking opportunities for positioning purposes, product launches and managing stakeholder relationships.

Informing, inspiring and engaging content makes up a solid online basis for your brand, whether boosting traffic to platforms as well as building loyalty and softly converting through CRM. We build branded content, on-brand content as well as CRM- & SEO-copy guidelines and trainings for your marketing team.

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