The Etex Challenge

Employee engagement and well-being are finally taking a central place in the business world and industry after the COVID pandemic. Etex, an international specialist in lightweight construction solutions, is aware that employees’ mental and physical well-being contributes to a sense of belonging, engagement, and productivity. We helped make the Etex Challenge a worldwide success.

Etex understood that COVID impacted employee well-being and that action was needed to be taken. The company partnered with Oopla to organise the Etex Challenge, a series of 28-day challenges to get as many employees as possible moving around the world.

The Etex Challenge went further than just counting steps. This challenge wanted to boost the physical and mental health of Etex employees by motivating them to exercise actively for at least 30 minutes every day. We supported the entire campaign, starting with a beautifully published Playbook that should inform, inspire and motivate everyone to register for the challenge. We also designed several activating posters, an inspiring launch video and a quality sports jersey with a unique design to get everyone moving.

We disseminated targeted content – encouraging, informative, motivating and enthusing – through Etex ambassadors (for whom we created special briefing kits) and via all possible Etex communication channels. The participants – and their many fans – could follow each other’s performance via a closed Facebook group and the Etex Strava Club, and above all, motivate and encourage each other. They started creating their own content, in addition to the content we produced throughout the challenge.

An additional reason for entering the challenge was the fact that participants in each country could support a local charity of their choice, which they believed to be closest to Etex’s mission “Inspiring Ways of Living”. We also supported this aspect of the challenge with informative and motivational content.

The Etex Challenge ran worldwide and was very successful: more than 3,000 employees in 42 countries took part and started running, walking, cycling, dancing, etc. Together they covered a distance of 763,894 km. 47.265 euros were donated to several local charities and a global charity, Habitat for Humanity International.