Leen Bakker

Two sisters part two

Warning: when you enter a Leen Bakker shop, you risk leaving with a shopping cart full of nice stuff. Our latest radio campaign brings proof of that. We created the radio format with the two cheerful sisters in 2019. So, it was time for an update. The two sisters still have distinct characteristics: the eldest is a rational shopper with an eye for bargains. At the same time, the younger sister is a cheerful and carefree blabbermouth who is happy to be seduced by everything beautiful, hip and colourful. While the sisters were always having a pleasant conversation in a Leen Bakker shop, we now let the dialogues occur at the sisters’ home. By shifting the location, we can put much more emphasis on the brand promise ‘Beautiful living, smart buying’. The new radio spots always focus on one specific strength of Leen Bakker: for example, the garden and terrace collection, the wide range for bedroom or dining room, and the well-known promo days. The campaign ran in various formats on MNM, Studio Brussel, Qmusic, Joe, Nostalgie, Radio Contact, Vivacit√© and NRJ.