We are June20

Are we the only communications agency in the world whose name is based on a scientific formula? Probably. Unlike Coca-Cola, our formula is not a secret:
O + (N xS) + Cpm/T + He

Dr. Cliff Arnall, a University of Cardiff psychologist, developed it. He calculated which day of the year is regarded as the most cheerful by people taking into account six parameters: outdoor activities (O), connection with nature (N), socialisation with neighbours and friends (S), childhood positive memories (Cpm), outdoor temperature (T) and holiday expected (He).

Right, the most joyous day of the year is June 20. It’s a perfect name for us as it radiates the positivity and cheerfulness we want to stand for. We try hard to make every day as joyous as June 20, for our employees as well as for our clients.

We move brands forward by moving people

What we believe

We believe brand equity can only be achieved by establishing a strong emotional connection with all stakeholders. We want to help you embrace change in an ever-evolving and complicated market – and society.

We believe in the power of creativity to obtain your business goals and opportunities. We strive to create work that cheers people’s lives.

That’s why our goal is to develop meaningful campaigns and solutions that grow your business and your audience.

What we do: we call it Engineering Emotions

Take our word for it: your brand is only as strong as it is in the heart of your audience. We specialise in establishing that emotional connection you need and we call it Engineering Emotions.

We commissioned prof. Dr Jelle Demanet (neuroscientist at UGent and HoWest) to review scientific research examining the importance of establishing an emotional connection between brands and consumers. All findings confirm that consumers rely on emotions to make brand decisions: positive feelings towards a brand have a significant influence on loyalty.

In a highly complex communication and marketing landscape, as engineers, we start from data and consumer insights to build your brand in every interface. We fill the gap between branding and communication. We consider your brand as a system with many interfaces and, therefore, create work that connects every element with the right emotional impact at every phase of the customer journey.

You’ll like how we do it

To establish the strongest emotional connection, it takes a strong and engaged partner who understands your business and, above all, is as accessible as your back pocket. As much as we want our campaigns and services to spark joy, we want our clients and our team to feel good every day as well as we contribute to the world together.

We build your brand in every interface that CONNECTS
it with your audience

We’re new, but you know us

June20 may be a new name, but we’re anything but novices. You used to know us as Gutzandglory. As we further grew to keep answering the needs of our clients, we have integrated the digital agency Mundo Digitalis. By joining forces, we are now a creative and digitally driven full-service communications agency.

As one team, we offer creative and technological solutions that start from a clear brand and communication strategy. We combine creative excellence in all channels with technology-driven business thinking.

How can we help?

We design and build your brand consistently in every interface – from strategy through execution – to optimally connect with the power of emotions. Want to know more?

At June20, we want to inspire and help grow our clients through intense COLLABORATION, shared PASSION, optimal use of technology
and relevant CREATIVITY.
Photo of Wolf Florizoone, Managing Director at June20
Managing Director
Wolfgang Florizoone
Looking at the sun shining over the hill, hoping that, when I will be gone, other people will feel as lucky as I do.
Photo of Kris Lenaers, Managing Partner & Creative Director at June20
Managing Partner & Creative Director
Kris Lenaers
The first day of school summer break when everyone is relieved and everything is possible.
Photo of Hans Palmers, Managing Partner & Digital & E-commerce Strategist at June20
Managing Partner & Digital & E-commerce Strategist
Hans Palmers
The smell of the seas, the wind in your face.
Photo of Frederik De Zutter, Managing Partner & Account Director at June20
Managing Partner & Account Director
Frederik De Zutter
That moment when winter time changes to summer time and you get an extra hour in the evening.
Photo of Jarne Laekeman, Digital Marketer at June20
Digital Media Consultant
Jarne Laekeman
When I put on my bass face during a drum and bass festival.
Photo of Koen Hoogenboom, Media Director at June20
Media Director
Koen Hoogenboom
The start of the Dutch summer. Best week of the year 😉
Photo of Ran De Coninck, Digital Marketer at June20
Digital Marketer
Ran De Coninck
The sensation of the first sip of morning coffee.
Photo of Michiel Bauvois, Digital Marketer and Designer at June20
UX/UI Designer
Michiel Bauvois
Stargazing at the beach with friends to cool down on a hot summer night
Photo of Laurent Bosteels, Web Developer at June20
Web Developer
Laurent Bosteels
A day with no console errors.
Photo of Eva Janssen, HR Administator & Quality Controller at June20
HR Administator & Quality Controller
Eva Janssen
The moment we turn off the engine and hoist the sails.
Photo of Bart Segers, Project Manager & Tech Consultant at June20
Project Manager & Tech Consultant
Bart Segers
Being flabbergasted by a culinary experience.
Photo of Jeroen Goossens, Concept Creative & Art Director at June20
Concept Creative & Art Director
Jeroen Goossens
That feeling of the strong zest of wind pulling me forward over choppy water while windsurfing at sunset.
Photo of Tom Vanlerberghe, Digital Strategist at June20
Digital Strategist
Tom Vanlerberghe
Walking barefoot on early morning grass, with the feel of dew beneath my feet and the silence of a family still asleep.
Photo of Wendy Galle, Account Manager at June20
Account Manager
Wendy Galle
Sitting outside on a crisp spring morning, wrapped up warmly, sipping a latte with the first rays of sunshine on my face.
Photo of Ronny Verstraete, Finance Director at June20
Finance Director
Ronny Verstraete
Seeing my favourite soccer team winning a game.
Photo of Mitch Pringels, Digital Marketer at June20
Digital Marketer
Mitch Pringels
It's that Preview and Debugging life for me.
Photo of Pieter Olievier, UX/UI Designer at June20
UX/UI Designer
Pieter Olievier
Being at one with a vintage motorcycle on a warm summer morning.
Photo of Silke Beurms, Concept Creative at June20
Concept Creative
Silke Beurms
The smell of rain after long hot summer days.
Photo of Peter Hoogland, Cultural Strategist at June20
Cultural Strategist
Peter Hoogland
That moment i get to eat pancakes.
Photo of Jelle Van Garderen, Concept Creative & Art Director at June20
Concept Creative & Art Director
Jelle van Garderen
Floating in the ocean, facing the sky, forgetting for a split-second there could be a shark.
Photo of Robin Looyen, Desktop Publisher at June20
Desktop Publisher
Robin Looyen
Washing off sun cream with a long hot shower, and then dress up for dinner.
Photo of Justine Wittoek, Account Director at June20
Account Director
Justine Wittoek
Dancing the night away with the people I hold dear, celebrating life.
Photo of Naomi Wullaert, Account Manager at June20
Account Manager
Naomi Wullaert
A "rombautje" after a night out in Ghent. 😉
Photo of Milan Pollet, Account Executive & Content Planner at June20
Account Manager
Milan Pollet
Watching a football game with friends while arguing about who's the real GOAT.
Photo of Lim Sijmons, Design Director at June20
Design Director
Lim Sijmons
Running with my eyes closed and the early morning sun on my face.
Photo of Aurelie Joos, Communications Manager at June20
Communications Manager
Aurelie Joos
A bright summer day with the sun gleaming on my face.
Photo of Tanja Picavet, Copywriter at June20
Tanja Picavet
Strolling around flea markets and running into a box stuffed with eighties records.
Photo of Johan De Witte, Concept Creative & Content Copywriter at June20
Concept Creative & Content Copywriter
Johan De Witte
A squirrel on my left shoulder during a walk in the woods.
Photo of Nancy Huylebroeck, Traffic & Office Manager at June20
Traffic & Office Manager
Nancy Huylebroeck
Enjoying geese flying over on a warm summer evening.
Photo of Nico Salamone, Digital Producer at June20
Digital Producer
Nicolas Salamone
Late-night dinner with friends or family in the summer.
Photo of Catherine Van Den Meersschaut, Graphic Designer & Desktop Publisher at June20
Graphic Designer & Desktop Publisher
Catherine Van den Meersschaut
Looking up on a clear night at the starry sky and losing myself for a while.
Account Manager
Martha Dobbels
Swimming or surfing in the sea, following the rhythm of the waves while feeling the sun's rays on your salty face.
Digital Media Consultant
Arne Peeters
Ordering a bunch of pizza's with friends on a Friday night.
Account Executive
Parmida Jandarnian
When I get off the plane and feel the warmth of the sun, hitting my face.
Abdel Amiri