Together for a greener city

We all want to live and work in a green, healthy environment. But that is only possible if we all do our part and make a green contribution where we can. That was our approach to enthuse the inhabitants of Roeselare to work together for a greener city.

June20: STAD ROESELARE Together for a greener city, banner
June20: STAD ROESELARE Together for a greener city, street banners

A few weeks before the campaign launch, we sent a reporter out into the street to capture the first batch of green initiatives, as we wanted real quotes from the beginning. In addition, we also included various green city initiatives in our communication, such as the week of the forest, the garden rangers, the tile gardens, tree planting campaigns, etc., to inspire and activate all citizens, also those who do not have their own garden.

June20: STAD ROESELARE Together for a greener city, mobile banners

The campaign, which was visually recognisable by the green leaves, was ubiquitous in the streets and online channels of Roeselare. Via the portal site all residents could create a window poster quoting their green initiative. These initiatives gained even more visibility through photos and messages on social media and inspired even more residents.

By organising the press briefing in a green school, we directly involved the young generation – because, in the end, they are the people we do it all for. We produced a special school poster to write their green initiative/ideas. This poster is now available to all schools of Roeselare as educational material.