Hand Walk

To streamline and at the same time broaden the initiatives set up by volunteers and sympathizers of Stop Parkinson, we came up with the umbrella ‘Stop Parkinson. Start the Movement’ spurring all kinds of fundraising efforts to fight this terrible disease – because scientific research on Parkinson’s disease can only get a boost by raising money.

Fingers taking the last pieces of food on a plate
Hands on a steeringweel

Through an accessible game, we wanted to give as many people as possible the opportunity to support scientific research. Within that umbrella, we launched an innovative digital activation with a fundraising mechanism allowing everyone to contribute easily and in a playful way. Have a walk on your mobile? Yes, you can. By taking steps with your fingers on your screen in a specially developed game, you walk on three virtual paths. Obviously, participants can make a free donation – every little bit helps!

In addition to the much-needed financial model, the Hand Walk game is both simple and challenging. Everyone can participate thanks to the simple setup: you get one minute to take as many steps as possible with your fingers on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. As you progress through the game, you will enter three different worlds. You start in the city where it is easy to walk. Finally, you end on the beach – most probably, your fingers are already cramping here. You can try to beat your own score and earn a place in the top 20. Maybe you can even do better than some Flemish celebrities or influencers? And you have the opportunity to challenge friends, colleagues and family.

The activation was supported by a TV and radio commercial that ran as ‘Boodschap Van Algemeen Nut’ on één and Klara, MNM, Radio 1, Radio 2 and Studio Brussel. In addition, short versions of the commercial ran on SBS’s online channels and on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, enhanced with banners.

Currently, the top score is 786 steps. So take your chance here, just like those other 5.500 people who have already played the game.

Mobile banners of hands/fingers using their phone