HOGENTenaars united

As a final-year student, how do you find out what’s the best college for you to go to? After all, one college is not the other. Therefore, we launched the HOGENTenaar through a multimedia campaign. A special breed? Yes indeed.

HOGENT is a college of higher education with a unique profile: pigheaded, critical and open-minded. HOGENTenaars are alike. But we’re not only talking about people who are studying or have studied at HOGENT. A HOGENTenaar is each of us who matches the values of HOGENT, and thus has the potential to change the world.

In 2021, corona prevented final-year students from visiting in person the HOGENT campuses and experiencing the atmosphere themselves. So no traditional open house day where they can talk to students about their experiences. That is why Gutzandglory called in HOGENTenaars to tell their personal story. The leitmotiv in their inspiring testimonials: at HOGENT, you can give the best of yourself as a student and make a difference for society.

We created four video testimonials featuring a HOGENTenaar. Final-year students could discover these testimonials via a QR code on posters (20 m2, bus shelter and tram flank) and advertisements, and via video snippets on social media. In each testimonial, the HOGENTenaars talk about their job/studies, how they got there and how they are now giving the world the best of themselves.

In their own words, these ‘ambassadors’ prove that HOGENT is best placed – as a listening, understanding and guiding college – to let students discover their talents and help them to develop them.

Bus shelter with a banner of HOGENTenaars advertising for children to study further for Teacher
Big streer banner of HOGENTenaars advertising for children to study further for Electromechanics