A little daring can change your life

Among other things, the corona crisis resulted in us creating a new strategic interpretation of the current positioning of Europabank, being: “The bank that dares”. This resulted in a new creative and surprising umbrella campaign. The first wave was aimed at consumers, the second one focussed on professionals.

The idea behind the campaign is very straightforward: it has to respond to the current, rapidly changing times and – next to that – it should also focus on all the possibilities they create. Why? Because Europabank is the perfect partner for those who keep their eyes open for new opportunities, and dare to jump into the unknown.

The focus is completely on positivity, something that we can all use a little more in these bizarre times. Because even now, you can’t stand still, wait or doubt things for too long. Why wait if you can go for something today? Dare to choose. Dare to change. Dare to live.

This insight translates into the campaign line: “A little daring can change your life”. It can set a lot in motion, both professionally and personally. In every plan, in every dream, the first step is most important. It all starts with a bit of courage to get started. As a catalyst for what is to come. And the end result can be quite impressive.

Believing in progress and entrepreneurship, whether private or professional, is expressed in a surprising and humorous way. The whole campaign shows that when you dare in life, when you have the guts to explain your wild plans openly, Europabank thinks along with you. After all, no dream is too crazy for the bank. In fact, Europabank is all ears when you want to transform your very first plant stand into an exotic paradise, or when your biggest dream is to build a pizza chain.

Even when your dreams are purely personal, Europabank will still listen if you want to become this century’s Little Richard or – let’s think a bit crazier – when you want to sail across the North Sea in a pumpkin.

Both the first and the second phase of this hybrid campaign focussing on professionals is featured in print (magazines and newspapers), posters (digital OOH, 20m2, 2m2), in-store, online video (30″ and 15″) and radio.

Curious about our work for the professional part of this hybrid B2C/B2B campaign? Check it out below.