The Flirt and The Talk

CaniShield® is the new anti-parasite dog collar, made by Beaphar. It allows dogs to go out into the world and explore, without their owners having to worry about their beloved pet contracting ticks, fleas or sandflies. The product was launched across multiple European countries with new videos – both for online and tv – created by us.

‘We want to protect our dogs just like our kids’ – it was this insight that led to our two videos: ‘The Flirt’ and ‘The Talk’. Both videos are part of one bigger story.

In The Flirt we can enjoy the acting skills of our four-legged movie stars Max and Luna, the neighbours’ dog. We see labrador Max putting in a lot of effort to impress Luna in the garden. Right at the moment they want to rush off to the bushes, a worried father figure appears behind a window. Giving him a friendly reminder that ‘protection’ is key.

The Flirt conquered TV screens in France and the Netherlands, and could be admired on Youtube and Facebook in both countries, as well as in Italy and Spain. Other countries will follow during the summer months.

June20: Beaphar scratch out fleas, two dogs walking side by side

People who saw The Flirt online were specifically targeted because they first saw our other video, ‘The Talk’. In this prequel we see the man of the house waiting up for Max, who’s been sneaking out to see Luna. Worried about ‘the exploring’ the two young dogs do together, he decides to have a ‘man-to-dog conversation’. The similarities between a father-son talk about first sexual experiences are never far away …

The Talk was launched in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK on Youtube and Facebook.

June20: Beaphar scratch out fleas, man sitting in a sofa with his pyjamas
June20: Beaphar scratch out fleas, man pulling a weird face