Recruitment bot ‘Tenzing’

For PwC’s new graduate recruitment campaign, June20 and PwC developed ‘Tenzing’, a chatbot that helps last year students to apply at PwC. With this recruitment bot, each graduate gets a personal sherpa on their path to a top job. They can ask him questions about working and applying at PwC, get interview advice, find job events and win a tech trip to London.

Machine learning was used to train the chatbot so that he can process natural language. Tenzing might be a machine, but he’s got tons of character. His conversations are entertaining and a 3D-character was created to give him even more personality. His looks – and name – are based on the famous Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, who guided the first man to the top of Mount Everest.

The chatbot is part of the PwC base camp website, which was launched by Gutzandglory in 2016. It offers graduates entertaining and informative content to help them with their application. Both PwC base camp and Tenzing demonstrate PwC’s sherpa attitude: PwC’s hands on approach to guiding you to the top – as a student, as a client or as an employee.

An online campaign targeted at final year students on Youtube, Google, Facebook and Instagram generated traffic to the chatbot.