The Blacklist Application

We’re not half-hearted. Whatever we do, we give it our all—that’s dedication! So when we hire, we look for people who share the same commitment.

That’s why we launched The Blacklist Application: an audacious recruitment campaign, asking potential applicants to show us their determination to work at Gutzandglory. Their mission? Putting the other Belgian ad agencies on a blacklist, in order to gain access to our vacant positions.

On, visitors discover a first preview of our different job positions, without being able to access them. To unlock them, they must install The Blacklist Application extension on their browser (available for Chrome & Firefox). This extension then acts as a very effective filter, blocking access to sites, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn pages from other ad agencies… and many more surprises for the boldest ones among you!

After all, why would they need them anyway if they’re applying—and we mean really applying—to get a position at Gutzandglory? In recognition of their dedication, they can then freely apply for the job of their choice, without being distracted by any other agency in the country.