The Cloud Project

When Belgian construction company Willemen Group developed Drainphalt, a water-permeable asphalt that lets rain enter the groundwater, we were asked to launch it.

June20: Drainphalt - The Cloud Project
June20: Drainphalt - The Cloud Project, man in lab outfit

To convince the press and prospects, we developed a challenging and successful PR stunt. What would happen if we dropped a whole month of rain on a Drainphalt asphalt parking strip? To do so, we built an artificial rain cloud containing an ingenious pump system with modified nozzles, that managed to adapt the waterflow to 1400 liter – the exact amount of 1 entire month of rainfall. And dropped it all at once.

The stunt was featured on about every national news site and made it to the television and radio news as well. Through the generated media attention we were able to reach and convince our B2B/B2G target audience in a spectacular way: € 306.000 of earned media in the regular press, the local and professional press.

The campaign also resulted in a total worth of 40.000m2 in quote requests. 95% of all orders received were a direct result of the PR awareness campaign. The orders were made by prospects and clients – not present at the live experiment – but after having picked up the story through the media coverage.

Besides the stunt, Gutzandglory also developed the visual identity for the new product that was used in a range of online and offline media.

June20: Drainphalt - The Cloud Project, mock up website