Two sisters part two

Warning: when you enter a Leen Bakker shop, you risk leaving with a shopping cart full of nice stuff. Our latest radio campaign brings proof of that.

Scratch out fleas for good

June20: Beaphar scratch out fleas, dog with brush in his mouth

Where there are pets, there are parasites. Especially parasites like fleas and ticks can be pretty annoying for dogs and cats.

HOGENTenaars united

As a final-year student, how do you find out what’s the best college for you to go to?

Hand Walk

Banner of fingers using their phone

To streamline and at the same time broaden the initiatives set up by volunteers and sympathizers of Stop Parkinson.

Feel good with yummy sweet

We implemented the new strategy in the campaign by focusing on three pillars: flavour, health and consumption.

Two sisters

Leen Bakker offers furniture that appeals to both shoppers that are price aware.

Recruitment bot ‘Tenzing’

For PwC’s new graduate recruitment campaign, June20 and PwC developed ‘Tenzing’, a chatbot that helps last year students to apply at PwC.