Redefining luxury adventure watches

June20 teamed up with the promising start-up, Parterra. Committed to supporting ambitious entrepreneurs and their visions, we eagerly embraced this opportunity.

Lander Van der Auwera and Nickolas De Beule share a passion for outdoor adventure and complex luxurious watches. Recognising the inaccessible price range in the luxury watch market, they set out to create a stylish, activity-centric timepiece which is more affordable for the twenty- and thirty-somethings. 

When developing their watch, they soon realised they needed a clear and strong brand & product strategy. Equipped with this assignment, the duo knocked at our door.

Play Video about Car in the desert

Building an adventurous story


At June20, we believe that a brand is only as strong as it is in the heart of the audience. Wowing future Parterra customers with creativity is not enough. The only way to Engineer Emotions is to start from a strong strategic foundation and a fully integrated approach.

Mobile mockup

While the idea took more shape, a 360° brand and product strategy soon became essential. Our first tangible assignment was to prepare Parterra for a product launch on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. However, since Parterra had no identity yet, we had to grow engagement around the brand and product. Not a simple task, as we are operating in a saturated market of luxury watches.

Step by step we built the foundations of the brand, unfolding an adventurous Parterra story that seamlessly connects with the young, active, all-terrain feel of the product. We came up with the name Parterra, which is linked to values like outdoors, nature, trust, quality and sustainability. Our baseline ‘The ultimate luxury all-terrain watch’ strengthens the brand identity even further.

From branding to a targeted social media campaign

Parterra’s brand identity is reflected in the different communications of the brand strategy. Our integrated June20 team developed a sleek, exciting brand movie that seduces the hearts and minds of active, adventurous souls. We also delivered a branded website, lifestyle photography and a social media campaign on Meta, YouTube and X. In Google Ads, we focused on Rich Media Display: eye-grabbing, interactive ads that perfectly match with the brand, product and target audience.

To launch the exclusive watch, the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter was strategically chosen. A successful Kickstarter campaign hinges on a strong pre-launch phase, so we initiated an intensive media campaign to build engagement.

The impact

Our carefully targeted media campaign immediately paid off. Parterra launched its Kickstarter campaign on November 7 and within 2 hours the fundraising reached its goal. The next steps are selling 700 watches worldwide and implementing a Parterra product range through a retailer network. We are excited to see what the future holds for the Parterra brand. After a spectacular kick-off, things are looking very promising.