Every window matters

Claiming leadership in sustainability

Deceuninck designs, develops and distributes cutting-edge window, door and building profiles. From the very beginning, back in the sixties, sustainability has been ingrained in their DNA. Today, Deceuninck focuses on recyclability, minimal CO2 emissions and superior thermal insulation.

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Video still Deceuninck campaign
Video still Deceuninck campaign
Video still Deceuninck campaign

Sustainability has become more and more important in our world today and in construction more specifically. With a growing need for recycling, reducing energy consumption and renovating aging cities and houses at a high pace, Deceuninck found it high time to share their efforts with the world.

June20 developed a large-scale branding campaign and communications toolkit focussing on Deceuninck’s sustainability story. The goal? Claiming sector leadership while empowering dealers globally to represent Deceuninck as the reference in sustainability. The campaign has a crystal-clear message: Every Window Matters.

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The campaign tells the story from three perspectives: it covers the positive impact of Deceuninck windows on the planet, on the communities people live in and the positive impact on our homes and families. The dashed lines represent that impact. They visually show the relationship between the surface of each window installed and the “surface of positive impact”. 

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Building a credible sustainability story

Today’s consumers prioritise brands that have a clear positive impact on the environment. Research shows the emphasis on energy efficiency in purchasing decisions is undeniable, especially for millennials and Generation X consumers. They are the main target group of the campaign.

With the Every Window Matters campaign, we aim to raise awareness with our audience, empower dealers, and create brand impact while driving growth by using the momentum to push contacts to dealers and generate leads or other (in)direct conversions. At the same time, we aim to build trust by segmenting a coherent story for different audiences.

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Engaging customers, dealers and employees

The toolkit consists of a variety of videos, content and statics – both online and offline, following our favourite Touch – Tell – Sell content model.

The main assets are a campaign movie, testimonial videos starring Deceuninck employees, installers and customers, a campaign website, out of home formats and digital media assets covering all channels. The dealer toolkit includes materials for the showrooms – properly applying the campaign concept of “impact surface”.

For the internal campaign launch, to fully engage the global Deceuninck team and all marketing teams, we developed launch and onboarding videos within the campaign concept: from a forest, Deceuninck CEO Bruno Humblet and Chief Marketing & Communications Officer Bart Peeters, explain the campaign and its purpose.

The launch of the Every Window Matters campaign is only the beginning. In the next months and years, the campaign will be rolled out throughout Europe and beyond. In Belgium, a first advertising wave in out of home and digital media (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Google display ads and TikTok) appeared as of November.

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