June20 scores a double transfer!

January 2022

At June20, we love scoring, we readily admit. We didn’t care about the transfer deadline and managed to bring in Robin Looyen. He used to be an excellent basketball player and a pro at making three-pointers. Once he popped in 68 in a row, unfortunately during a training session. Robin no longer plays competitive basketball, but fortunately he is also a great DTPer with a great sense of precision – as he proved at McCann/The Back Room and Optima, among others. Just what we needed!

With Kaylie De Caluwe, we also bring in a top performer. Kaylie comes from Vandekerckhove & Devos, where she gave the best of herself as a creative motion designer. With us, she works as a digital & brand designer. She also likes to be digital outside office hours. For instance with games, films, series and drawing. Her new iPad is working overtime in Procreate!

Welcome to the team, Kaylie and Robin.