June20 launches ‘De Baarlekorf’ on the housing market

February 2021

For our client construction promoter LOYD, we recently launched ‘De Baarlekorf‘ on the market, a residential project in Drongen with a beautiful story.

Everyone wants a cosy home where it is nice to live. And if that home is in a vibrant and close-knit neighbourhood, that’s only a plus, right? Exactly. That is precisely why our client LOYD developed ‘De Baarlekorf’, a new housing project in the midst of greenery and close to Ghent. A place where everyone, from happy single to hedonist at peace, can find a sustainable home. And that home can be a house or flat. Consideration was even given to elderly people who like assisted independent living, as De Baarlekorf also has a few assisted living flats available.

Mockup of the Baarlekorf website on PC, tablet and mobile

So there is room for everyone in De Baarlekorf, and that is the strength of the project. Because generations living together strengthen each other. To reinforce this warm ‘generation-long living’ feeling, we developed a warm house style with a few recognisable graphic elements, which is also continued on the website. There, potential buyers can download the project plans and the project book we created for De Baarlekorf.

We also continued De Baarlekorf’s convivial character in the photography and key visual.

Open book advertising de baarlekorf, the picture shows a family barbecuing in a park

To complete the branding story of De Baarlekorf, we also delivered site signage, business cards, flyers and a brochure.

Mockup of business cards and construction site banners for De baarlekorf