JBL launches app that sounds like music to your ears

February 2021

If mass home working has taught us anything, it’s that it’s not a bad idea to invest in quality headphones. Thanks to the Headphone Picker we developed for JBL, you can find the perfect pair in no time.

Headphones are especially useful while working at home if they have a noise-cancelling function. Kids playing? Mute. Runaway washing machines? Mute. The neighbour who finds it necessary to drive off his grass during your call? Mute.

In short: such headphones are pretty much indispensable. These days, there are also so many different kinds, that it’s almost impossible not to find headphones that are totally your thing. But how do you start that search?

Our client House of Music is responsible for the distribution of JBL in Belgium. So they came to us with the question of showing JBL customers the direction to their ideal headphones in a user-friendly and simple way. Our solution: the Headphone Picker.

mockups of headphone boxes and stand banners for JBL

Customers find their way to the Headphone Picker through POS material on which there is a dedicated QR code per retailer. Through the Headphone Picker, we asked customers several questions related to their potential needs (should the headphones sit firmly on your head, etc.) and the potential times/locations when the headphones would be used (at work, at home, on public transport, etc.) We thus drew the card of customer centricity to the fullest. Customers answer simply by swiping left or right. Based on the answers, the app suggests the ideal headphones.

Mockup of JBL's find and match your headphones on mobile

Since the launch of the app in December 2020, we already count more than 3,100 sessions in the app. We were responsible for the concept of the Headphone Picker, copywriting, UX and UI design, development and testing after development.