Beaphar and June20 keep parasites out

August 2018

We all love pets. We even think of dogs and cats as family. But we all hate parasites. Those fleas, ticks and lice really don’t want anyone in the house.

Especially in summer, parasites can be a real plague for cats and dogs. And if they bring those little nasty critters into the house, then their owner and the whole family are also stuck with them.

Beaphar asked us to devise a B2B and B2C campaign for COMBOtec, a premium anti-parasite product that not only kills fleas, ticks and biting lice very effectively, but also protects the treated animal’s environment by preventing the development of eggs, larvae and pupae.

The key visual we came up with shows a little boy playing inside in the company of a dog, a cat, or both – after all, COMBOtec exists in two variants. A striking detail: there are toy fences lined up with a prohibition sign for fleas, ticks and lice. This makes it clear that COMBOtec frees not only the pet but the whole house from parasites.

The campaign is currently running in Italy and the Netherlands. We created a print ad, landing page, banners and digital ads, and material for in-store and retail communication. Gutzandglory also designed the new packaging within the renewed brand positioning.