Garage Rock

Thanks to the success of car sharing, more garages are left empty. To highlight the positive effect of cambio car sharing’s success, we decided to use them for free concerts. The first edition of Cambio Garage Rock took place in Leuven, at the occasion of cambio’s tenth birthday.

Every Cambio car accounts for 12 to 15 privately owned vehicles that are talen off of our roads. The most immediate positive effect is more free space in our cities. For instance, garages that are left empty.

To build awareness and generate trial for this valuable alternative, we set up a series of small-scale concerts in Leuven and Ghent: Cambio Garage Rock.

Cambio users as well as local citizens were invited to take an online challenge and win their free tickets to live garage performances by Flip Kowlier, Hydrogen Sea, Sioen and others.

We announced the action using a low budget channel mix, targeting local communities. The rumor spread quickly, as radioshows picked it up, and the story continued online. We reached over 2,7 million contacts, had close to 1400 people attending the concerts and a staggering 23% of them requesting a trial subscription.