June20 and Comeos care about accessible shopping

March 2022

After consultation, Comeos decided to partner with June20 for communications for the new long-term Warmste Entree initiative. The idea? Working towards a disability-free society for people with disabilities. We can only say yes to that!

Shopping – online or offline – is not easy for everyone. With the collective Warmste Entree, Comeos, together with Inter and CaWaB, is launching various initiatives among its members to improve the accessibility of Belgian shops. Those members are the larger players in Belgian commerce and services, which together employ more than 550,000 people.

We are assisting Comeos with the branding, the communication plan, the internal communication among members and the public component of the campaign.

The communication plan for this project includes both internal communication for member employees and external communication for the wider public. PR will also be an important pillar of the project. Want to know more about it in advance? You can do so here: https://warmsteentree.be.