Hoogstraten tells a story of its cultivators on brand new website

December 2020

To strengthen Cooperation Hoogstraten’s position with consumers, we developed a brand new B2C website. The accompanying video series we created for Hoogstraten Aardbeien was immediately given a prominent place there.

Until recently, Cooperation Hoogstraten’s website mainly focused on professionals. So it was no surprise that it was mainly growers who found their way to the website. To strengthen the relationship between Coöperatie Hoogstraten and consumers, a new B2C website was needed. A website that not only radiates passion for the trade, but also compiles fun content such as recipes and useful facts. The website was created in collaboration with Mundo Digitalis.

Initially, the website mainly features content about Hoogstraten Aardbeien. After last summer’s ‘Feel good with yummy sweet’ campaign, it was a logical step to tinker with the brand’s hygiene content. So we created a series, consisting of 6 videos, explaining the growing process in a bite-sized way, from pollination to complimenting the cultivator.