Don’t get overwhelmed by marketing automation.

Marketing automation plays an important role within a multichannel approach by enabling personalisation of marketing efforts across various channels, enhancing customer engagement and driving consistent brand messaging. It serves as an engine to reach your target audiences through email, social media, web, and so much more even offline channels can be integrated.

While the primary goal of sales and marketing automation is to increase efficiency and improve customer engagement, it ultimately drives revenue growth through:

  • Streamlining and automating repetitive manual tasks.
  • Facilitating a multichannel approach that fosters more personalised interactions.
  • Enabling a more focused approach for your sales and marketing teams.

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More than email marketing

Probably the most common mistake is thinking marketing automation is just sending emails to customers based on their interactions. It’s so much more. It also involves social media marketing, mobile messaging, performance advertising, SEO and so much more. It needs to be integrated into your CRM-tool or it can become your stepping stone to a CRM.
Sales and marketing automation can become one of the most important projects your sales and marketing teams will rely on to reach business goals.

We all know that we should aim for a more personalised approach across all channels, using marketing automation in the process. However, getting started often proves to be a daunting task for a lot of companies. Primarily due to creating an unnecessary level of complexity at the start.

Increasing efficiency

Your brand values are your reason for existence, it’s what differentiates you from your competition. Your content should reflect those values. Creating an additional level of authenticity that resonates with your audience. However in reality, the further marketers progress with execution, the less impact these brand values seem to have.

This makes sense. It’s a long journey from the establishment of these brand values to an internal project aimed at ‘increasing traffic to the company website’. The pressure of targets or continuous improvements is often interpreted as: ‘By any means necessary’.

A content strategy that embodies your brand values has a considerably greater influence over your target audience. It also reflects upon other channels and the various ways in which you communicate with them. This content strategy will amplify reach, boost engagement and ultimately, enhance impact and performance.

Keeping simplicity in mind

Companies interested in sales and marketing automation often face the challenge of “overengineering” when they dive into the realm of possibilities and implementation. The enthusiasm for automation can lead to an overwhelming influx of information, choices, and opportunities, causing a desire for too much, too soon.
To mitigate that risk, a preferred approach is to align all stakeholders with simple projects that deliver results quickly. This lowers the initial learning curve, but also promotes this new way of communicating to customers and prospects.

64% of marketers say they saw the benefits of using marketing automation within the first six months of its implementation.

Bringing sales and marketing together

In performance-driven companies, sales and marketing teams often have different opinions on how to communicate to whom, when and how. Sales claims to understand customers best, while marketing can get frustrated with unfulfilled campaigns. In the end, it all boils down to stakeholder approval. Gathering input from both sides is essential to run effective campaigns, but time constraints, short-term planning, and manual tasks hinder that process.

Automating tasks simplifies planning, ensures everyone has access to the right information, and provides valuable insights. Which benefits all:

  • Streamlined planning
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Improved decision-making
  • Greater efficiency

Gain valuable data-driven insights or drown in fragmented data sets

We all want to become more data-driven. Taking decisions based on relevant insights and information. At the same time, the majority of decision makers admit their data is systematically flawed. The reason is often quite simple. Sales, marketing, finance… all use different systems to track data.
Insights start from aligning all relevant sources of information to a single source of truth. This approach offers several benefits:

  • You’ll gain more relevant insights
  • You’ll be able to automate your reporting
  • Everybody will start to speak the same language
  • Making it easier to follow up on actions and work more efficiently

How can June2O help you?

We offer a straightforward path with our no-nonsense approach. Using easy and comprehensible assessment tools to analyse your current situation and identify needs and solutions.

Choose the right gear

Good to know that we are a platform-neutral partner, so we won’t push unnecessary tools. Our focus is on finding the tool that fits your unique needs. We have extensive knowledge of (a.o.) Hubspot, Salesforce, Mailchimp, Brevo, Ortto, Flexmail, Spotler, DotDigital, ActiveCampaign, Drip, Campaign Monitor, Klaviyo, and many more. 

Set it up

We are a full-service agency, meaning that we can assist you in every aspect of this journey, from tool selection and setup to seamless integration into your existing tech stack. We’ll guide you through onboarding, create automated customer journeys, handle copywriting and design, and provide ongoing reporting and improvements.

Monitor and improve

We’re also flexible, if you only want us to do an assessment or create automated journeys… that decision is up to you. But it all starts with a 15-minute talk.

Tom Vanlerberghe

TOM VANLERBERGHE, Digital Strategist at June20, started his marketing career client-side at Kursaal Oostende, Enfinity, Smartphoto,, Flyeralarm, LensOnline… where he was responsible for marketing budgets over €1m and international marketing teams. Always interested in the possibilities that a multitude of channels can provide, he loves to combine on- and offline marketing strategies and has a special place reserved for marketing automation & content marketing. He’s also our in-house privacy expert.

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