Via mobile app enticing youngsters to select their ultimate headphones?

We developed the Headphones Selector for leading audio brand JBL. This mobile app was initially used in-store, to help customers make an informed choice when buying a new set of headphones. JBL challenged us to create awareness for the tool and boost conversion from Gen-Z and young millennials.

jbl mobile app headphone selector
visual from the jbl mobile app
the jbl mobile app targeted gen z

Provide focus for your target audience with a stand-alone mobile app.

First, our digital team optimised the Headphones Selector and turned it into a stand-alone mobile app. Because the tool is linked to the websites of JBL retailers, users are stimulated to immediately purchase the headphones they selected.

To fully reach our younger target audience, we set up a clever media campaign that ran during the Back2School period and Black Friday, the perfect time to reach the youth. Between these 2 periods, we engaged relevant influencers who generated authentic content, both on Instagram and TikTok.

During phase 1 of the campaign, high-profile influencers reached out to their followers on Instagram and asked them to select the JBL headphone which fits his or her lifestyle best. Phase 2 ran on Instagram and TikTok, where the influencers shared their experiences about the selected headphones.

Using the right influencers on the right channels paid off. The campaign introduced a significant amount of targeted youngsters to the online tool. 1.841 people successfully used the Headphones Selector mobile app, during 8.304 sessions. In total, the campaign resulted in 379,400 views, 8,300 likes, 1000 clicks and 15,000 engagements on story polls. Sounds good, right?