June20 and Solo Gourmet butter up online foodies

March 2024

Upfield is a global leader in plant-based foods, driving positive change for both people and the planet. When Upfield launched its vegan spread Solo Gourmet, they turned to June20 with a creamy assignment: raise awareness on social media for Solo Gourmet, as thé tasty alternative for butter, in an appealing way.

Social devices influencer marketing

Our digital team knew exactly where to start: on TikTok and Instagram. These social channels always have served as inspirational platforms for new products and are always hungry for more. Today, brands have to deliver outstanding content to attract attention. So we made sure Solo Gourmet differentiated from the standard butter recipes. Therefore we challenged a mix of high, medium and lower-end food influencers to prepare their favourite buttery dish using Solo Gourmet.


Solo Gourmet seeding package
Solo Gouremt package closed
Recipe cards for Solo Gourmet

The Instagram campaign ran in 2 phases. First, all food influencers received a branded package containing Solo Gourmet, a branded cutting board and some recipe cards. They captured the cooking process and shared the experiences they had using Solo Gourmet. During the second phase, the influencers showed off their inspiring dishes and enjoyed a cosy tasting moment with their friends.

Our content strategy over-delivered, as the total number of views (523,600) far exceeded the predefined goal (120,000). The campaign clocked at 4,900 likes, 2,400 saves and 261 sticker taps. Results that stick!