June20 and Etex are ‘United to Inspire’

August 2020

‘Connect and care’ is one of the three core values for Etex. It is a credo for every day, and a crucial element to live up to the purpose – the larger goal of ‘Inspiring ways of living’. After more than 100 years of history of growth and acquisitions, the intent of the campaign was to unite everyone completely as one Etex team. All employees, all over the world. To go for it together, proud of their Etex colours and united around the strong commercial brands that make Etex great!

‘Inspiring ways of living’ is not only Etex’s baseline but also the translation of its purpose: the common greater purpose of all team members, and the contribution the company wants to make to the world. And only when everyone also truly understands what Etex stands for do you lay the foundation for a strong, unified team. And such a team achieves more, just look at the many examples from the world of sport. That’s where we got our inspiration for this activation campaign. To get everyone excited about the project, we started with a teaser phase. We launched the line “Ready to team up?”, always in the local languages, and distributed it on flags, banners, posters and posts in physical and digital hotspots for office workers and factory workers.

Subsequently, an activation stand appeared in all offices and factories worldwide, where all teammates could actively signify their participation and reveal their most inspiring Etex stories digitally. We also sounded out their favourite sport(s) and clothing size: with good reason, of course, because an Etex sports jersey followed for everyone.

The effective start of the ‘United to Inspire’ campaign, which will run for several years, was also the launch of the new brand identity. In an unprecedented series of local events for Etex, Etex team members celebrated their brand and each other. Through tightly structured keynotes and additional animation, all teammates got to know why Etex is running this campaign and what changes were coming. In addition, they could also – completely in the sports theme – test their fitness levels. Because healthy we are strongest! Around the world, the events were filled with some local colour, and above all … the team spirit and Etex colours were also immediately brought out through countless shares on LinkedIn and more.

And for the first time in the company’s history, there was a moment when all colleagues, in all countries at the same time, celebrated Etex. The global component was in line with the teaser video. Members of the Etex management once again answered some pressing questions in the style of a press conference, such as: How is team Etex doing? What exciting news can we expect soon?

The answer to that last question is already on the tip of our tongue, as this campaign is part of a bigger picture that will be fleshed out over the next few years. Towards one team, ‘United to Inspire’, to make even more ‘Inspiring ways of living’ a reality all the way from the inside with Etex. This campaign is part of the project to support and strengthen the Etex brand and the company’s strong commercial brands and bring a consistent brand experience worldwide. We are tackling this challenge in a hybrid team from Etex and Gutzandglory, with Global brand leader Malcolm Stamper, marketers from across the group led by Head of Communications Lionel Groetaers, and with the involvement of CEO Paul Van Oyen.