June20 and Beaphar say it with flowers – and fruit

September 2020

More and more consumers attach importance to natural and organic products. Also for their pets. Beaphar immediately jumped on this fine trend and developed some Bio Shampoos and related products for which we created the campaign and packaging.

The first step in the process was the creation of suitable packaging. One that is also recyclable and made from the renewable material sugar cane.

We opted for a colourful design that nicely highlights some important properties of the shampoos. A total of 5 Bio Shampoos were launched, each with its own specific properties and target group. These include a Bio Shampoo for cats/kittens, but also one for puppies and even one specifically for dogs with a white coat. In addition, 4 related products were also launched – from Bio Dry Shampoo to Bio Anti-Klit Spray. We also designed fresh-looking packaging for these products.

Of course, we don’t launch a new product without an appropriate campaign. One with a wink, because we took our inspiration from some beauty brands. Brands that are all too happy to show images of someone immersed in a blissfully relaxing bath. Isn’t that nice, such a treat for skin and hair? Well, your pet also deserves a similar luxury. That is why we chose to show a smiling dog in the bath, surrounded by all kinds of fruits and flowers. These also immediately refer to the different perfumes of the Bio Shampoos.

This fluffy visual was also used in the shops (posters and display) and incorporated into online banners.