Europabank ‘procrastination campaign’ nominated for an Effie Award

November 2020

We captured a spot in the final of the Effie Awards with our client Europabank. These awards recognise marketing communications that effectively contributed to the growth of a brand.

A total of 35 cases were submitted, 19 of which were retained by the 30-member jury. Our ‘procrastination campaign’ for Europabank is one of the lucky ones, and we are really very proud of it. The campaign humorously shows the consequences of putting off a (professional) investment or dream for too long. Think of an excavator with almost no ‘teeth’ left, or a son who receives clients in his parents’ home and then just hires his father as staff. These are funny scenarios that, if it depends on Europabank, absolutely should not become a reality. ‘Because if you dare to go for it, so do we.’ We spread that message mainly through radio, but also through print, online, OOH and instore.

Our hybrid postponement campaign for B2B and B2C builds on the renewed strategic positioning we outlined for the bank: ‘Europabank. The bank that dares.’ With this positioning, Europabank shows that it listens to the plans of daredevils like no other, and goes for them with enthusiasm. Unlike many other (major) banks.

This nomination is already a fine reward for all the hard work. We will find out on 10th of December who gets to take the coveted bronze, silver and gold statuette back to the office. We keep our fingers crossed.