Building global connections through social media.

June 2023

Reinforcing the idea of working together towards a common goal is a challenge when you’re active in 45 countries across the globe. With Etex, our partnership grew in many ways over the past 10 years. With various communication projects we carry out on a day-to-day basis, social media and community management is an important task for us.

Our always on social content strategy stretches across all internal & external channels. Together with the corporate communications team of Etex, we are in charge of all their internal (Yammer, Facebook, internal screens) and external (Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter & Youtube) social media channels. With a high focus on employer branding and sustainability.

Starting from a brand and communication strategy, we created a visual identity that reflects the core values of this much-needed initiative: accessibility, warmth, care and inclusiveness.

Mockup Etex of social posts

A dedicated social team provides a monthly content plan with different communication touchpoints with a high focus on employer branding and sustainability. We provide a mix of fixed themes that recur as key campaigns that we roll out. Various content is created such as reels, videos, carousels all provided with templates that fit within the brand’s house style.